[NEWS] Livestream Every Game Of Biscom Golf Tournament 2017


Officially begin from May 6th & 7th, 2017 at 36-hole golf course FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links, BISCOM GOLF TOURNAMENT 2017 is the very first golf tournament being organized by BISCOM, FLC Group.

FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links
Source: FLCGolf.vn

A great news for golf lovers is that every game of BISCOM GOLF TOURNAMENT 2017 will be broadcasting live via Livestream function on the social network Facebook. Although BISCOM is not the pioneer in using this method, the number of tournaments being broadcasting live is not so many while the interest of the community towards golf is rapidly rising. This innovative step of FLC Group will bring this sport closer to its fans and allow them to watch the games directly and conveniently from anywhere around the world.

Mr. Luu Duc Quang, Chairman of BISCOM Golf Course Management Company, Head of the Committee of BISCOM GOLF TOURNAMENT 2017 stated: “Golfers interested in the tournament and golf lovers will be able to watch live during the games. We believe this will help prevent the negative incidents in the competition for the truthful results for every golfer, create fairness for the tournament and also promote Vietnam golf to the world.”

Mr. Luu Duc Quang
Source: Thể thao và Xã hội Online

The tournament is going to be fascinating with the prize total value up to 20 billion VND, including luxury cars, VIP membership cards and holiday vouchers at FLC high class resorts and many other valuable gifts. With 5 different divisions, BISCOM GOLF TOURNAMENT 2017 gathers over 900 golfers, both domestic and international, competing together for the Championship, 1st and 2nd Runner Up in each division and also various technical prizes such as Near Pin, Longest Drive, Near Line, Eagle Albatross and Hole-In-One. This year tournament is very promising with exciting and competitive games, dedicate to the audience the best performances of techniques and skills

Don’t miss out the fascinating games of golfers in BISCOM GOLF TOURNAMENT 2017 broadcasting live on Facebook fanpage of the tournament.

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