[TIPS] Powerup The Swing In 3 Easy Steps

The swing is one of the most vital parts of golf. The more powerful swing often means the smaller distance between ball and hole. But there is a minor mistake that can loosen power of the swing: misusage of the upper body. In the transition from backswing to downswing, people tend to underuse hips and overuse shoulders, which slows the clubhead counterintuitively. Take these steps below into practice and you will see the difference

Step 1: Turn the shoulders as far as possible while maintaining the lower body’s original posture.
Step 2: Start turning the hips hard to the left but keep the back to the target. It is a correct move if you feel your hips leading the upper body.
Step 3: Pull the shoulders, chest, arms, hands into action and they will naturally follow the hips.

Source: Graham Gaches – Golf.com

This separation between the upper and lower halves, the key to power up the swing, will allow the arms swing in front of the body much easier, rotate the clubface to square and also maintain the angle between the lead arm and the clubshaft farther into the downswing. The final result is an extra burst of speed at impact when the clubhead goes down into the right power path and the angle of arm and clubshaft straightens.

To check whether the clubhead impacts the ball on the correct path or not, the shaft will bisect your right forearm vertically when your hands are about waist-high on the downswing.

Source: Graham Gaches – Golf.com

Keep practicing until you see this happen. Mastering this hip-first move will help you hit the ball hard with confidence, maximize your swing speed and unlock 15 to 20 extra yards to past your big-hitting pals.

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