OVERVIEW OF The Dàlat At 1200 Country Club & Private Estate

Golf lovers will enjoy The Dàlat at 1200, a beautiful 18-hole golf course built around the natural valley of Da Ron (Da Lat) at an altitude of 1,200m above the water level sea.

Known by other names: Da Ron Golf Course, 1200 Golf Course

1. Overview of The Dàlat At 1200 Country Club:

The Dàlat At 1200 was designed by Asian golfing legend Kyi Hla Han, as a PAR 73 Championship Course which blends seamlessly with the natural environment, a key design feature. The year-round temperature in the highlands is a cool 16oC – 26oC, ideal for outdoor activities and the growth of abundant supply of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Acteam has invested 300 million USD in the links and more than 18 million USD into the courses only to ensure this will be the top-quality golf club in the Indochina area. The Dalat At 1200 is stretch out on a area of 1,000 on hilly area, majestically looking down a natural lake downhill and having all year round cool fresh air. However, due to constant low humidity, golfers are advised not to start playing early in the morning before the sunrise at around 9 or 10AM.

2.Details of The Dàlat at 1200 Golf Club:

The Dalat At 1200 has 18 holes, 2 nines with variation changes constant due to natural topography. This, can challenge even the most skillful player!

With Bent grass aprons and greens this is a playing surface many golfers in Asia do not get to play on, so be careful the speed of the greens will provide a few surprises to the unwary or over confident short game players.

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Hole 1 – Par 4

Stroke Index: 11

The long straight first has an elevated start with an excellent photo opportunity of the rice paddies on the front nine. Whilst relatively straight it is a deceptive hole, suggest play to the right allow drift left, as the fairway slopes gently to the left towards the hidden stream and rice paddies. The stream runs 60 yards in front of the green, be careful to avoid drifting too much to the left as this leaves a tricky approach over the bunker.

Hole 2 – PAR 5

Stroke Index: 9

An hourglass fairway widens as you approach the green, but it is guarded by a natural stream in front and a huge tree to the left as well as bunkers to the left and right.

The first of our long Par 5’s and our 2nd longest at 600 yards from the championship tee, playing from the tees located next to a natural spring-fed pond, may take your mind off the task at hand, however, this is a challenging hole. With an hourglass design, the fairway widens as you approach the green, before you get there you must first strike the blind tee shot. The fairway runs mainly downhill towards the stream guarding the approach to the green.

Long hitters will be tempted to pull driver, but beware of the aggressive line; anything too far right or left of the tee probably won’t find its way off the undergrowth on the right, or hill slope down to the paddies and halfway house to the left. With a tree positioned left of the green, this is very well protected green, you must carry over the stream before the bunker and sufficiently up the Apron to avoid the well-placed bunkers and roll forward to the green. Too short and the ball will roll back to the stream on what will become a signature of The Dalat at 1200 our aprons are bent grass and angled to reward and challenge all levels of golfers. The Green is angled slightly right to left which rewards those who strategically position their approach.

Hole 3 – PAR 3

Stroke Index: 13

A truly amazing signature PAR 3, “Best PAR 3 hole in Vietnam” in 2017, with elevated tees provide unbelievable views across the 650 hectares of the estate. Hitting from elevated Tees, straight to the target circle provides a level of difficulty for all levels of golfers, especially when facing The Dalat at 1200 micro climate wind effect.

With bunkers guarding the approach and water on two sides, this hole calls for precision and distance calculation due to the significant change in height, too short and you will enter the out of bounds forested areas below and to the right. A fun hole with excellent photo opportunity of the course and estate, suggest taking the pictures before the Tee off to ensure smiling faces.

Hole 4 – PAR 4

Stroke Index: 1

The Elevated Tees provide for a great view of the green in the distance, this is a long Par 4, there is a lot of natural water around this hole so place your approach carefully. Approach via a direct route between the bunkers, with the optimum of a draw to the fairway, taking note of the wind as the approach is protected by trees.

Once crossing over the natural stream and through the bunkers aim for a landing area in the centre of the green, to allow for The Dalat 1200 Apron effect, all our greens are slightly sloped and with bent grass, therefore, requires precision, as the ball will roll upon landing unless of course you control using spin.

Hole 5 – Par 4

Stroke Index: 17

The generous tees provide for a great panoramic view of the course. Drive centrally on the fairway to avoid the well placed natural obstacles of streams, lily pond or rice paddies, and defending bunkers to the left and right of the green, which is relatively flat provides a good PAR or Birdie opportunity.

Hole 6 – PAR 4

Stroke Index: 3

A gentle up-hill Par 4 with wide fairways and providing the possibility to have two back to back PARS and relax during the middle of the round. There is no out of bounds on this hole! There is a hidden Lily lake 250 yards in front of the blue tees, many a ball deposited here from the unwary if you stray too far right, however for longer hitters a driver may not be required. The clover leafed green is relatively flat and provides the second good Par or birdie opportunity of the front nine.

Hole 7 – PAR 5

Stroke Index: 7

This a challenging Par 5 at 567 yards from championship Tee is only our 3rd longest hole and has a blind tee shot, with natural water to the left and streams crossing the fairway in two locations, this requires concentration and position to round the corner for an approach. Drive to the left of the bunkers, avoiding the spectacular tree in the centre of the widening fairway and the hole turns sharp to the right. The green is well guarded to the right and left with bunkers but once on the green the is relatively flat PAR is a good result.

Hole 8 – PAR 3

Stroke Index: 15

The shortest of our PAR 3 but do not let that fool you as you must cross the considerable water of our irrigation lake, choose your aiming point, middle of the green is always good (whether pin is located there or not). The green is well- guarded from bunkers back and front and water to the other two sides and a drop zone to the left. Consideration of the wind direction and choice of club is critical to reaching the green, too short, too far right, or over will result in making a splash in the water, so take careful aim and have fun we have more balls in the pro shop.

Hole 9 – PAR 5

Stroke Index: 5 Y

Closing out the first nine playing back to the club house is our second longest PAR 5 of the course and what is called a “cape hole” or in other words you choose how much you want to risk over the water. Choose to cross the lake or take the shorter but longer route to the fairway, the choice is yours but do remember the wind and also that for the second shot, to take careful aim and miss the bunkers on the left, but carry the stream crossing half way through the fairway which is followed by a significant uphill rise to the green. Natural water course runs to the right of the green approach, combined with a steep slope and bunker in for good measure located below the tree on the right provides much thought. To reach the green in three is an achievement even if you have avoided the rough on the approach. Remember the aprons are bent grass and are sloped to increase both run on to the green and also run back if the speed is not transferred on landing.

Hole 10 – PAR 4

Stroke Index: 10

The back nine starts off with a generous par 4 (454 yards from the championship tees) playing slightly to the right with water to the left you must carry the central stream to allow for a safe place for approach shot to the green. This is a forgiving approach with wide fairway a well-placed bunker guards the right side of the green. Recommendation is aim for the centre of the green regardless of pin position this hole provides opportunity for a birdie or PAR.

Hole 11 – PAR 4

Stroke Index: 4

This gentle uphill Par 4 playing towards the half-way house, is many a golfer’s surprise as it is harder than the yardage shown and creates a picturesque hole with the backdrop including the silhouette of the lone majestic tree indicating where the stream crosses the fairway, combined with the pine covered mountains rising to 1,550 meter behind the hole. The high-percentage play for the green layup is a long iron right of center to a challenging but fun green, do watch for the roll back if you come up short on the fast apron.

Hole 12 – PAR 5

Stroke Index: 8

Before attempting this hole, the large half way house provides rest/shade and sustenance to top up your energy before playing this long PAR 5, this is also a great location to take a panoramic view of the estate unfolding before you. This long 568 yards from the Championship tee, is slightly down-hill Tee carrying over the natural stream, creates a good opportunity an elusive birdie or great PAR. A good tee shot, centrally placed followed by a safe second shot just short of the second stream crossing will provide the option to leave a short iron in to the green. The green is protected by bunkers so do choose the aiming point carefully

Hole 13 – PAR 3

Stroke Index: 18

This challenging PAR 3 provides providing an excellent photo opportunity up the valley where the stunning backdrop of the mountains provides a sense of peace and tranquility, as if you are quiet there is no noise except nature and maybe the distant drift on the wind of a comment as a golfer loses a ball! Drive straight and high as it is slightly elevated from tee to green, carry the stream, and be careful with the bunkers positioned on the left and back right side of the green. A great opportunity to birdie or PAR the hole, or achieve an elusive hole in one!

Hole 14 – Par 4

Stroke Index:

A picturesque hole playing back up the valley to an elevated green, makes this PAR 4 seem longer than the actual yardage. A stream runs the entire length of the fairway on the left, with long rough to the right make, making any drift costly. The green is guarded by a deep bunker to the left and the traditional Dalat 1200 signature sloped apron creates the run in or roll back of your approach shot. Coming in from the right is ideal for the approach for the green but be gentle as the greens are fast and you do not want to roll back down to the fairway or into the bunker

Hole 15 – PAR 4

Stroke Index: 2

A truly spectacular elevated tee with panoramic views over the estate and back nine course. The distant mango tree rises majestically over a 100 feet with a mushroom canopy, like a guarding sentinel of the green this is a wonderful hole, with wide sloped fairway from the right to left this provides plenty of excitement for golfers of all qualities, with a wide flat green guarded by steep drop off all round and bunker to the left our bent grass greens must be respected otherwise over putting will lead to the drop off from the green and an increase in the putting count, you have been cautioned

Hole 16 – PAR 4

Stroke Index: 14

This PAR 3 may only be 190 yards from the championship tees, but can only be approached over the lake, it has a large narrow green with a back drop of pine forests and fresh stream water cascading down the mountain side, makes a picturesque setting. A calming feeling, but disturbing sight! Choose your club wisely this is a large lake, the green is slightly higher than the tees so to avoid the rock bounce back into the lake, height is required to carry over the lake and land firmly on the green which has no bunkers, but this is off set by the step back drop of rough behind the green.

Hole 17 – PAR 5

Stroke Index: 12

This is the longest hole on the course, with stunning views across the estate take a moment to reflect peacefully as you listen to the gentle wind rustling the pine forest all around you and breathe deeply the scent of pine in the air. “They call the wind a name here, pick your favorite name and reflect on what has passed and what is to come” Speaking of what is to come, this is a blind Tee shot, combined with a dog leg to the right. From the Tee to the green on the right the forest is out of bounds. This is a hard hole which requires thought and placement, the second shot must carry the hidden stream. A wide fairway is not that forgiving as it runs downhill and to the right. The green is elevated from the stream crossing and requires a good layup plan to avoid the bunkers front and side, but not too long otherwise you will pass over the steep drop at the back. The green is large, fast and tricky, requiring respect, it is not uncommon for 3 putts or more, making for a challenging experience and “fun talking points.”

Hole 18 – Par 4

Stroke Index: 6

The home hole, offers some spectacular sun sets and views across the back nine and distant areas of the estate. The hole is moderate at 439 yards from the championship tee, but being very slender and narrow with little margin for error. The fairway is traversed by a mountain stream, there is no out of bounds on this hole. The natural spring streams crosses the fairway, so if you cannot cross from the tee off, place for your second shot carefully. The green is large and relatively flat so once on just remember the bent grass greens and make this your best finishing Putt. Or there is always the 19th Hole to look forward to.

3. Additional services at The Dàlat 1200 Golf Club:

The project’s facilities will contribute to the experience of the most luxurious lifestyle, such as restaurants and clubhouse, luxury changing rooms, equestrian centers, extreme sports clubs, school golf institute, tennis academy, cycling track, water sports club right on the resort’s lake and much other fun and entertainment activities for both adults and children.

The restaurant serves a diverse and rich culinary experience, promising to satisfy even the most demanding diners.

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