SAM Tuyen Lam Dalat Golf Club is designed and built according to international standards and fully equipped with a service system. Only about 13km from Da Lat city center is the site of zone 3, Sam Tuyen golf course in Lam ward was built. Not too big like many other golf courses inside, but it is still an extremely interesting destination for golf lovers and resort customers. In particular, some golf holes are located on high terrain with panoramic views of the valley area, creating a great feeling for professional golfers.

1. Overview of SAM Tuyen Lam Dalat Golf Club

Located in the central peninsula of the lake, SAN Tuyen Lam Dalat golf Club is the highlight of players when coming to the city of thousands of flowers. You can go from the city center to the south 15km or from Lien Khuong airport to the north 15km to reach this place.

SAM Tuyen Lam Golf Club is located in the overall Sacom Resort project, located in the romantic Tuyen Lam Lake area – Da Lat, the golf course is built according to international standards with a length of more than 7,200 yards, outstanding as a green pearl. captivates the footsteps of golf lovers and tourists when coming to Dalat Flower City.

Sunrise at SAM Tuyen Lam Golf Club

Built-in 2013 and put into operation in 2014, Sam Tuyen Lam is a luxury resort located separately in the lake bed. Greenspace, fresh air surrounds all 125 waterfront villas, 45 floating villas, and famous golf courses. The whole place is like a miniature world, class, and comfort. It is truly a place to relax, enjoy and explore.

Particularly, the golf course on the peninsula has an area of ​​up to 59ha. This is the work that Ekistics – a famous company based in Canada designed and built.

First built in the 4-star luxury resort complex, the Tuyen Lam lake golf course in Da Lat is favored quite a lot in terms of area. Only planning this part has reached 58.43ha. Design company Ekistics has skillfully built an 18-hole international standard golf course with a thickness of 7035 yards here.

In particular, the advantages of natural valley terrain are utilized and retained to create challenges for golfers. There are many golf holes arranged in high terrain to help players cover the entire valley, and at the same time capture the poetic beauty of Da Lat insight. The enveloping of green pine forest and tropical jungle further enhances the impressive beauty and cool, quiet, and fresh green space of this place.

2. Details of SAM Tuyen Lam Dalat Golf Club:

  • Total golf course area: 58.43 hectares
  • Golf course design: Ekistics Company (Canada)
  • Number of holes: 18 holes
  • Total golf course length: 7,276 yards
  • Par: 72
  • Impressive golf hole: #4
  • Grass type: Bermuda, Bentgrass
  • Sand trap: 64
  • Streets for trams: Transparent throughout the yard
  • Stopover (kiosks): 03


Hole 1:

Par: 4; Yards: 394

Starting the round at SAM Tuyen Lam Golf Club is a par 4 course covered by the right sideline with bunkers on both left and right to welcome the drive. Your second shot will be uphill to the green – well protected by a deep bunker to the left – forward, with the green sloping back to front.

Hole 2:

Par: 5; Yards: 573

This is a par 5 hole with a fairly straight path to the Green, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get the ball to the Green with 3 shots hoping for a Birdie. With the right sideline, the bunker is on the left of FW right in the range of the popular Drive – 220Yards from Green Tee seems to be a tactical and meaningful arrangement. With the second shot, you need to have a shot with full calculation because the stroke is very limited. An approach from less than 120 yards will get your ball on the Green easily.

Hole 3:

Par: 4; Yards: 371

You have to be careful with the right sideline and a bunker on the fairway right at the corner to the right. The boundary line continues on the right-hand side to the green. The second shot will be one of the most challenging shots at SAM Tuyen Lam to the green because the FW is very narrow, surrounded by water and sand traps, if the ball is not on the green, there is a high chance of an accident. out.

Hole 4:

Par: 3; Yards: 224

Controlling your distance from your tee shot can be dangerous on a downhill par 3 course with these fairly well-guarded bunkers. The slope on the green falls from right to left, so the tee shot must be adjusted so that the drop is exactly the same distance from the hole.

Hole 5:

Par: 5; Yards: 599

For a right-handed player, Teeing ground and FW tend to “downhill”, accompanied by a long right-sided water trap that always stalks your every stroke, just a little carelessness, the water trap will swallow. swallow your balls. The green is protected by two bunkers in the front right and left with a slope that slopes from left to right.

Hole 6:

Par: 3; Yards: 182

The hole is rated as the easiest by SAM Tuyen Lam to earn Birdie points when the distance to the flag matches the standard range of a 7-iron. Aim the flag a bit for the perfect approach.

Hole 7:

Par: 4; Yards: 436

This par 4 course is completely protected on the upper left-hand side by a lateral water hazard, a stream encloses a quarter of the green, the total area of ​​the water hazard greatly affects your results. This green is advanced, so it will make it difficult for you to control the ball to fall. The par score will no doubt be a good score for a 436-yard par 4 from this black tee.

Hole 8:

Par: 4; Yards: 345

This is a golf course with 2 options for tee shots to FW. Because FW is split in two by a water obstacle. Therefore, you must choose one of the two FWs. A safe shot with a long iron or hybrid can get you to the left FW about 150 yards from the green. The tee shot from the driver tee to the right FW will be more adventurous but will probably get you in a better position to get the ball on the green, and with just a short iron stroke to hit the birdie.

Hole 9:

Par: 4; Yards: 395

The tees at the 9th golf course create a dominant position with the design of the golf course turning sharply from left to right. A safe landing position for a tee shot is on the left side of the fairway because the right side is a water hazard. A stream 50 yards from the green and 2 deep bunkers require a precise shot to reach the green. The steep left-to-right slope of the green 60 will make the putting speed very fast and the ball path very curved.

Hole 10:

Par: 4 ; Yards: 407

The first of the following 9 starts with a left cut and slopes down on a bumpy FW. An adventure shot with a Drive cut left to the green is very easy near the green and also easy to go out of bounds. The first shot to a place between two FW bunkers is smart and watch out for the two bunkers guarding either side of the green for the second shot. For a correct shot on the green, a Par or a Birdie is your score for this hole.

Hole 11:

Par: 3; Yards: 175

A par 3 hole is protected by a large chain of bunkers on the right and a bunker in front of the green. A wall of dirt marked the left course boundary limits visibility to the green. Another water hazard is arranged along the right flank and around the back of the green to catch balls that are out of range. But a Par or below is a good score for balls that hit the green first.

Hole 12:

Par: 4; Yards: 423

This is a hole with a slight curve to the right and uphill completely, the water hazard is arranged on the left running from FW to the green, on the right is a border with a high wall blocking the view to part of FW. A bunker that controls over 200 yards makes the FW ball narrow. The two-story Green is located high with sand traps and water obstacles on the left, the border still wraps around the right and behind the Green. This is considered a “Death” hole, just 1 small mistake, you may have to pay dearly for your score. The ideal spot for this hole is Par or Bogey.

Hole 13:

Par: 5; Yards: 512

This is a fairly wide and downhill hole, cut left at 250 yards from the Blue Tee, watch out for the water hazard on the left and right sideline, and also the bunker on the right FW. The green is protected by three surrounding sand traps and is located close to the water hazard and the boundary line. Irons are recommended for use on this shot to avoid unwanted right, left, or over-green swings.

Hole 14:

Par: 4; Yards: 381

This is a hole with a straight, narrow downhill path that will trap your ball with water hazards on both sides. With your second iron stroke, your ball can easily reach the wide green for a putt for Par or Birdie but also beware of the two green guard bunkers on either side and a water hazard behind.

Hole 15:

Par: 4; Yards: 475

The ball line is wide enough for a drop near the first bunker on the left. There is a water hazard that cuts across the FW waiting to swallow long-range balls on sloping terrain towards the water. The ball line slopes from left to right and reaches the water hazard. The right bunker will trap right-side balls. There are 2 bunkers on the right FW and the water hazard and the bunkered green on the left will trap deflected balls.

Hole 16:

Par: 3 ; Yards: 165

This is a short but challenging hole for any golfer who is afraid to hit the balls over the water hazard to the green. A wide bunker guards most of the front of the green. Therefore, there is no landing point in front of the green. If your ball lands on the green then Par or Birdie will be your score.

Hole 17:

Par: 5 ; Yards: 568

This is a par 5 hole divided by 2 water hazards on the left-hand side and top water, which limits your long range. To the right of FW in front of the water, there is a bunker waiting for a tee shot, if your ball lands here the second shot will be very difficult. Green is located in an elevated area protected by a moat in front. So the shot needs to be precise for the ball to cross the moat onto the green. A smart shot requires proper club selection to control range.

Hole 18:

Par: 4; Yards: 410

An accurate shot over water that lands near the right bunker or the middle of the FW is an ideal shot for any golfer. A left cut towards the green is closer but more likely to hit the hazard area and will cause more saves or increase your penalty stroke. For a shot on the green be careful with the two bunkers on the right side of the green or carelessly the ball will slide left to the slope next to the green.

3. Additional services at SAM Tuyen Lam Golf Club include:

  1. Club House: has 21 fully equipped rooms in 2 directions for you to choose: hill view and golf course view.
  2. Restaurant: located right on the premises of the clubhouse, serving European – Asian dishes and diverse drinks.
  3. Pro shop: here you can find a full range of golf accessories, apparel, and equipment of famous brands.
  4. Golf practice course: SAM Tuyen Lam Golf Club owns the only covered golf course in Da Lat. Golf beginners can also shop or rent their own training equipment here.

+ Fully equipped, modern, male locker & female locker

+ 232 yards length, with a distance indicator

+ Coach is ready to guide

+ 20 lanes to practice tee shots on the ground floor

+ Practice area to put the ball and practice to put the ball out of the sandpit

+ Food and drinks are served on-site when guests need them.

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