Overview Of Long Thanh Golf Resort

Long Thanh Golf Resort is one of the golf courses in Dong Nai province, Vietnam, let’s find out with UniGolf what is so special about this course?

General Information of Long Thanh Golf Resort

  • Design: Ron Fream
  • Holes: 36 holes / Hill: Par 72 | 6933 / Lake: Par 72 | 7127 yards
  • Established: 2001
  • Distance: About 36 km away from HCMC
  • Position: 99 A, Phuoc Tan – Long Hung Street , Huong Phuoc Hamlet, Phuoc Tan Village, Bien Hoa City Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
  • Night Game: No
  • Grass: Paspalum
  • Tee-time Intervals: 8 minutes
  • Opening hours: 05:30 – 20:00
  • Closed on: Open everyday

Long Thanh Golf Course was designed by the world-renowned golf course architects’ firm – Golf Plan – headed by Mr. Ron Fream and Mr. David Dale, with more than 35-year experience in designing, building, and maintaining golf courses throughout the world. Just a few minutes away from the Saigon center, one can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and step into another world- a greenary heaven, a peaceful countryside. The Golf Course is composed of 36 holes, 18 holes out of which are more challenging for professional golfers, and the remaining are for the new, ambitious golfers. It features rolling fairways and subtly undulating greens, winding through a palm plantation and artificial lakes with some waterfalls and other beautiful features. Coupled with the cool atmosphere and spectacular panorama, there can be only few comparable places in all Asia in which to play golf with such an environment.


Long Thanh Golf possesses a broad training ground so that customers can start before the play, moreover, also the Vietnamese staff experienced golf tutorial exercises. Training ground without grass, artificial carpets, which can play on real grass as playing on the golf course.

With well-equipped faclities, the changing room of Long Thanh Golf Club always satisfies the customers’ demandings, even those who are the most fastidious.

Equipped with 500 spacious lockers, 56 bathrooms…to offer the customers absolute relaxation, rest before and after golfing.

Restaurant: Enjoy integrading, relaxing at the elegant restaurant and bar. Experience a cozy asmosphere, a wide-range choosing menu with a variety of beverages and delicious Western and Asian dishes.

Proshop – where you will find lots of great new merchandise (clubs, balls, accessories, gifts, more) at reasonable and discount prices. Besides, the customers are also pleased while consulting with its enthusiatic, well-trained staff regarding renting or buying golfing equipment.

Hole by hole

Hill Course:

Long Thanh Golf Resort

– Hole 1:

A nice opening hole, bending to the right with O.B. down the right hand side of the fairway. Bunkers on both sides catch errant drives, but par should be made here.

– Red tee: 320 yards – White tee: 349 yards – Blue tee: 386 yards – Gold tee: 416 yards

– Hole 2:

A beautiful downhill par 4 will suit the long hitters, but never save accuracy for distance! Any shot off line will either find the bunkers or be in the trees lining the fairway. A large 2 tiered green will punish a poor approach shot, particularly if the hole is cut on the back, right side of the green if you are not careful.

– Red tee: 309 yards – White tee: 367 yards – Blue tee: 397 yards – Gold tee: 427 yards

Hole 3:

The toughest of the opening trilogy of Par 4’s is uphill and requires two very good shots to reach the green in regulation. Bamboo trees line the left side of the hole and bunkers on the left of the green. This merits the stroke index of 1 and par is a good score here!

– Red tee: 313 yards – White tee: 421 yards – Blub tee: 442 yards – Gold tee: 465 yards

– Hole 4:

This is a truly spectacular par 3 with a choice two greens equally good! Both require accurate tee shot as there is O.B at the back of the longer green. The shorter green is possibly even more difficult surrounded by the “Great Wall of Long Thanh”, with club selection being of prime importance, as there is water guarding the front and a rock face behind the green. This is a once seen never forgotten hole.

– Red tee: 126 yards – White tee: 164 yards – Blub tee: 186 yards – Gold tee: 206 yards

– Hole 5:

The longer you hit the ball, the tighter the fairway gets as it gets narrower towards the green. If you can’t reach the green in two shots, the lay-up shot requires real accuracy as there is O.B on the right and a lake on the left. There will be some big scores on this hole!

– Red tee: 386 yards – White tee: 513 yards – Blub tee: 528 yards – Gold tee: 547 yards

– Hole 6:

As easier par 4 will offer the player a bit of welcome relief after tacking the last three holes. Water crosses in front of the green about 250 yards from the blue tee, so long hitters should beware! A picturesque green over the water and set in big trees awaits the approach.

– Red tee: 295 yards – White tee: 322 yards – Blub tee: 342 yards – Gold tee: 361 yards

– Hole 7:

A straightforward uphill par 5 which is not particularly long features a big, three tiered green. Par on this hole should not be too much of a problem, unless you manage to three put!

– Red tee: 412 yards – White tee: 433 yards – Blub tee: 456 yards – Gold tee: 483 yards

– Hole 8:

This is a pretty little downhill par 3 which plays shorter than the yardage suggests. Another three tiered green, with the top tier in the middle requires good club selection. If you over hit, an ornamental stream waits your ball, but it could cool your temper.

– Red tee: 123 yards – White tee: 144 yards – Blub tee: 165 yards – Gold tee: 189 yards

Hole 9:

An accurate drive is required on this beautiful uphill par 4, bending to the right, as there is a long lateral water hazard on the right side of the fairway and a bunker on the left side. As you walk up the fairway, enjoy the surroundings and admire the construction of the waterfall and tropical garden on the right.

– Red tee: 333 yards – White tee: 351 yards – Blub tee: 378 yards – Gold tee: 407 yards

– Hole 10:

The “In Course” starts with a generous, shot par 4. However, the driving range on the right which is O.B and some deep bunkers guarding the green can catch the bad shots.

– Red tee: 286 yards – White tee: 314 yards – Blub tee: 341 yards – Gold tee: 382 yards

– Hole 11:

There is a hole to tempt long hitters! Cut-off as much as you dare of the dog leg over the lake and you will be rewarded with a short mid iron approach shot to the green.

– Red tee: 438 yards – White tee: 470 yards – Blub tee: 485 yards – Gold tee: 514 yards

– Hole 12:

This is a good par 3 over water to green guarded by some big bunkers. A long iron or even a wood club is required for the average player, so this is not an easy hole to make a par on!

– Red tee: 120 yards – White tee: 161 yards – Blub tee: 186 yards – Gold tee: 213 yards

– Hole 13:

Another short, downhill par 4 which bends to the right still requires an accurate tee shot in order to avoid the two deep fairway bunkers. A small, heavily contoured green awaits the approach.

· Red tee: 295 yards

· White tee: 323 yards

· Blub tee: 349 yards·

. Gold tee: 387 yards

– Hole 14:

This is an uphill hole bending to the left and is not so easy as the preceding par 4. Two deep bunkers guard the right side of the green awaiting the miss- hit approach, and there is also O.B. on the driving range to the right side to punish the big slice!

– Red tee: 311 yards

– White tee: 335 yards

– Blub tee: 357 yards

– Gold tee: 396 yards

– Hole 16:

This is a tough par 4! – Certainly the most difficult on the inward 9. A long drive is required, but not too long as the O.B. on the right narrows considerably as you get nearer to the green.

– Red tee: 329 yards

– White tee: 377 yards

– Blub tee: 403 yards

– Gold tee: 431 yards

– Hole 17:

A tight par 3 with dense undergrowth and then a bunker on the left and O.B. on the right, needs the player to hit a really good shot into the green a couple of hundred yards or so away.

– Red tee: 150 yards

– White tee: 171 yards

– Blub tee: 183 yards

– Gold tee: 208 yards

– Hole 18:

You have reached the final hole on the Dragon Course at Long Thanh, but do not lose your concentration as although this hole looks quite easy, there is still O.B. on the right, ready to catch mistakes! The well bunkered green can also punish the tired player, but a cold beer and a comfortable clubhouse awaits the end of your golfing adventure and we look forward to welcoming you again to test your golfing skill.

– Red tee: 279 yards

– White tee: 319 yards

– Blub tee: 349 yards

– Gold tee: 376 yards

Lake Course:

– Hole 1:

This is a downhill tee shot with out of bounds all down the right side and around the back of the green. A bunker on the left and a small water hazard crossing the fairway, are situated about 250 yards from the blue tee and should be avoided.

– Red tee: 273 yards

– White tee: 321 yards

– Blub tee: 353 yards

– Gold tee: 386 yards

– Hole 2:

A straightaway par 4 with water on both sides requires an accurate tee shot that should also avoid the fairway bunker on the right. With twin bunkers on the front right side of green incidentally provide a very good target for your tee shot.

– Red tee: 315 yards

– White tee: 352 yards

– Blub tee: 368yards

– Gold tee: 402 yards

– Hole 3:

Water is again to the left and right and for those with too much club, over the back of the green as well! The green is quite small and requires careful club selection. A cold drink is available on this hole as the juice bar serves this green.

– Red tee: 104 yards

– White tee: 135 yards

– Blub tee: 161 yards

– Gold tee: 205 yards

– Hole 4:

This is a tricky hole if you don’t know it and is difficult for the Caddies to club the player. Shorter hitters will “lay-up” and leave a third shot of about 150 yards to a large green protected by a bunker situated in the right front of the green. A good tip is that the water starts 180 yards from the beginning of the left-side fairway bunker and is about 10 yards across!

– Red tee: 457 yards

– White tee: 485 yards

– Blub tee: 519 yards

– Gold tee: 544 yards

– Hole 5:

A nice little dogleg to the right, again requiring a well-placed tee shot, as there is water to the left and right. Aim to carry the right bunker and this will leave a mid to short iron into a picturesque green with a bunker situated in the front right side and an ornamental stream and water wheel to calm your nerves.

– Red tee: 313 yards

– White tee:347 yards

– Blub tee: 369 yards

– Gold tee: 401 yards

– Hole 6:

A really nice par 5, curving around to the right. Once again, water is on both sides emphasizing the need for accurate driving. The really long hitters will be tempted to try for the green in two, this is a dangerous undertaking.

– Red tee: 449 yards

– White tee:495yards

– Blub tee: 528 yards

– Gold tee: 547 yards

– Hole 7:

This is probably the most difficult hole on the Blue course to make par! Measuring 470 yards from the back tee you must carry over the water and avoid the bunkers on the left and right side of the fairway. Water surrounds the green making it a really tough par 4 even for the experts.

– Red tee: 380 yards

– White tee: 411yards

– Blub tee: 441 yards

– Gold tee: 472 yards

– Hole 8:

Another really beautiful par 3 to an island green. Similar in length to the 3rd hole, again club selection is vital.

– Red tee: 119 yards

– White tee: 132 yards

– Blub tee: 163 yards

– Gold tee: 189 yards

– Hole 9:

Being uphill, this hole plays much longer than the yardage suggests. It requires a really well struck tee shot, not only to carry the water, but also to get you onto a slightly flatter lie.

– Red tee:305 yards

– White tee: 345yards

– Blub tee:370 yards

– Gold tee:400 yards

– Hole 10:

An accurate drive is required on this S-shaped, beautiful hole. Pay attention to an immense left lake at which becomes a trap of big slice shots. As you walk up the fairway, admire the surroundings with a temple of Bodhisattva Kwan Yin, the construction of the waterfall on the left.

– Red tee: 315 yards

– White tee: 350 yards

– Blub tee: 384yards

– Gold tee: 403 yards

– Hole 11:

Here is a hole to tempt long hitters! With a successful drive you will be rewarded with a mid-iron approach shot to the green and make a birdie. Be careful at the water of 15-yard width cross in front of green that makes you embarrassed in club selection.

– Red tee: 356 yards

– White tee: 433 yards

– Blub tee: 457 yards

– Gold tee: 493 yards

– Hole 12:

This is an easy hole to make a par on if you hit a good drive. OB stakes on the right and bunkers at both sides of green need to put an eye on!

– Red tee: 297 yards

– White tee: 306 yards

– Blub tee: 403 yards

– Gold tee: 424 yards

– Hole 13:

Here is the shortest par-4 hole at the Lake course to help you lower scores and make you relax while admiring the delightful surroundings.

– Red tee: 276 yards

– White tee: 310 yards

– Blub tee: 333 yards

– Gold tee: 346 yards

– Hole 14:

It is a full-challenged charming par-3 hole with a vast lake in front of the island green, ready for catching bad balls. The green is surrounded by bunker belt as well. It is not easy to make a par at the hole!

– Red tee: 276 yards

– White tee: 310 yards

– Blub tee: 333 yards

– Gold tee: 346 yards

– Hole 15: A nice opening hole widens in front of your eyes and creates a boundless comfortable feeling. Many undulation bunkers along the fairway are waiting for bad shots. If successful at the hole, you can enjoy a cold drink available at the beautiful-designed juice bar 16 as an award.

– Red tee: 314 yards – White tee: 329 yards – Blub tee: 391 yards – Gold tee: 433 yards

Hole 16:

With green-surrounding large bunkers call for good tee-off shots, club selection becomes a vital question again.

– Red tee: 106 yards – White tee: 132 yards – Blub tee: 192 yards – Gold tee: 241 yards

– Hole 17: Here is a hole with red stakes along the left, overlooking to immense windy fields. A hole with an undulation narrow fairway that is cut by large bunkers. Taking good care of selecting a club at each stroke is prerequisite.

– Red tee: 398 yards – White tee: 455 yards – Blub tee: 482 yards – Gold tee: 504 yards

– Hole 18: Do not lose your concentration as the well- located bunkers can punish the tired player by catching bad hits.

– Red tee: 343 yards – White tee: 371 yards – Blub tee: 407 yards – Gold tee: 429 yards

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