Only 248 million Vietnamese Dong for a complete indoor golf room package – Exclusive offer in September 2023

As we approach the autumn season in September, UniGolf is delighted to offer a special deal for customers interested in constructing a 3D indoor golf room. For just 248 million Vietnamese Dong, you will receive a premium golf room construction package equipped with the exclusive AccuGOLF sensor (from the USA), distributed solely by UniGolf in Vietnam.

chỉ 248 triệu đồng trọn gói golf trong nhà
Chỉ 248 triệu đồng trọn gói golf 3D trong nhà

AccuGOLF Sensor

The latest AccuGOLF sensor is equipped with two high-speed, high-resolution cameras, providing an unparalleled golf experience within the indoor setting. This device allows for customizable settings and functions to meet the specific needs and desires of customers, ensuring maximum accuracy in tracking and analyzing ball trajectories.

AccuGOLF DuoVISION Golf Simulator
AccuGOLF DuoVISION Golf Simulator

The AccuGOLF sensor is strategically positioned at two locations to monitor comprehensive information about ball flight paths, launch angles, spin rates, axes of rotation, and ball and club trajectories, providing precise and detailed data.

GSPro Software

To enhance the indoor golf experience and add more excitement, we include the GSPro software for a lifetime, completely free of charge. GSPro is a powerful golf simulation software featuring over 300 top-rated golf courses worldwide. Customers can enjoy an incredible virtual golf experience and customize it to their preferences, creating challenging and enjoyable matches.

Phần mềm GSPro
Phần mềm GSPro

Special Offer in September 2023

The September 2023 offer includes the sensor equipment, computer, projector, as well as the golf room construction and installation. The standard dimensions for this offer are 4m x 6.5m x 3m, but we can accommodate different customer requirements to provide a luxurious and tailored space that suits individual preferences.

Some of the indoor golf rooms we have completed:

Một số phòng golf 3D trong nhà chúng tôi đã thực hiện

This offer is applicable in Ho Chi Minh City. For other provinces or cities, additional transportation and construction fees may apply.

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