[NEWS] Golf and Businesswomen


Golf and Businesswomen

Golf is not any longer a sports for male, it has women footprint luckily! According to a report, the percentage of women golfer all around  the world is 22,8%, which is equivalent to 5.5million golfers, increases significantly compared with the last decade. Aside from professional golfers, golf also attracts politicians, upper class and businesswomen.

In USA, there is even championship for women golfers. More specifically, KPMG, one of the Big Four in Accounting, has hosted KPMG’s Women PGA Championship since 2015 as a sign to develop leadership skill among their female employees.

In a survey taken by Women Golf Association, 79% respondents they get to know more about their partners after the game, 73% admitted that they could strengthen the relationships while the other 62% said that playing golf brought them a new kind of experience. Therefore, if you are a businesswoman, having an emerging business, golf is the ultimate choice.

Unigolf would like to introduce some basic concepts on golf:

  • Golf course: a standard golf course has 18 holes, containing typography variation.
    • Tee (or Tee-box): is the flattest area of the course where you have your first swing
    • Fairway: the most beautiful area of the course, with smooth and short grass
    • Traps or parts that causes problems for players: Hazard, Rough, Trees and Fringes
    • Green: near the Hole, very smooth grass
    • Hole: is you and your ball’s destination

Dont be shy if you are a golf-amateur, not knowing about rules and regulations. As golf is the only non-antagonistic sports, which is designed for gentle person, so instead of looking of your how well you score, the other players will examine how you behave and how you react.

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