Wise decisions always come from a successful meeting. The MICE Agency offers complete Meeting solution, starting from the very first step – Planning

Planning is the most important phase of the whole process of holding a carefully-drafted meeting. The MICE Agency will works closely with you – our value partners to organize meetings that can meet your expectation and goals from:

  • Program Development: the tone, theme and concept of the meeting
  • Scheduling: the date, which is suitable with both your and your partners’ schedules
  • Transportation and Transfers: provided transportation with give you no excuse for schedule rearrangement
  • Accommodation: helping you choosing the right place with facilities furnished to your level
  • Contract Management: the MICE Agency will not leave our partners offended and annoyed because of these administrative procedure, just focus on your intense meeting instead.
  • Social Activities: after the meeting, these are good ways to help you bind with other and more familiar.
  • Tours: involved with long-term meetings

From what we have drafted, then, we all come to Site Selection:

Venue selection: according to your expected budget and details in Program Development step in the above Planning phase, ideal premise(s) for your meeting will be decided.

  • Catering: any special requirement for F&B? Please tell us.
  • Decorations: layout of the room or the way furniture are placed, just list what you want.
  • Music & performances: we do offer these entertainment services to help you relaxed for a while.
  • Audio-Visual: if you have trouble with you equipment, we have backup tools available at any time.

On the day of you meeting, The MICE Agency ensure you are having top Site Management:

  • Registration: welcoming your guest and give them a good impression aside from your reputation
  • Logistics: just go to your site, we handle the rest.
  • Schedule management: we ensure a smooth schedule for you.


The term “Incentive” in MICE is sometimes the most difficult to explain and understood. In short, “Incentive” is a reward for a team, a group when the work is done beyond expectation. Its purpose is to strengthen the commitment, the motivation and overwhelming performance. This has a solely entertain-purpose activity, unlike others, which often be focused on business and making money.

The MICE Agency customized the best Incentive package for you, depending on your requirements like budget, location, entertainment, facilities and thousands of expectation from you.

We will share with you our exclusive access to high-standard products and services. Together, we can definitely retain your reputation and your treasure employees.

We – The MICE Agency also offers a wide range of selection of team-building activities. What you have to do is to give us your requirement, you staffs’ travel expectation, we can draft a totally new plan which can please everyone of you.

Team-building activities from The MICE Agency can bind your staff, get them to know and blend well with others, hence increasing the teamwork in workplace environment.


The MICE Agency do offer Congress-organizing, one of the most difficult section in MICE travel. Participants in congress usually are representative coming from top management boards of your partners, the ones have long been require everything is up to highest standards.

From choosing the right venue to impress your guests or last-minute booking at conference center and highest-quality facilities or accommodation for a large block of guests with different inquiry, you can trust on us. With assistance from The MICE Agency, you are insured to have their please and therefore, retained and cherished relationships.


A corporate event, besides from the aim of showcasing your products or services in a pressure free environment is also an ideal time to strengthen business relations and expand corporate awareness.

The MICE Agency offers a full package of corporate event from teambuilding activities, sales conference to parties or VIPs hospitality. We do offer assistances in delegating management, venue procurement and event production, providing the desired ambiance while effectively conveying your company’s message.