UniGolf Launches A Series Of Promotions To Celebrate “5-Year Journey Of Devotion”

From the very beginning in 2013, the first UniGolf staff have nurtured a great ambition – to bring golf to Vietnam in the most professional and high-class ways as well as to best satisfy customers. Our ceaselessly effort has eventually gratified the most fastidious customers and gained us a stand in this brand-new market of our country. The trust and recognition of our service and product quality is a strong motivation for UniGolf to keep improving and developing our values, creating the best and memorable golf experiences.

On the 5th year, UniGolf proudly present to you our brand-new products and innovated services together with hot promotions, to fully meet all your golf needs. At the same time, we keep up our professional and thoughtful customer services, serving 24/7 and free via hotlines to process all inquiries as soon as possible!

To celebrate the special occasion of “5-YEAR JOURNEY OF DEVOTION”, as well as to contribute customers having trusted and accompanied us through the time, UniGolf will launch a series of big promotions in all services.

Specifically, the promotions will start from October to the end of December 2017 and stick to the meaningful number 5:

1. ENJOY THE GOLF TOURS: with many incentives and discount for 5-pax groups

– Discount 100.000VND and giveaway 01 pair of golf sleeves for each pax

– For Vietnamese tourists in outbound tours:

+ FREE 01 Welcome Dinner on the first day for tours from 10 to 15 million VND

+ FREE ALL BUGGY for 01 golf round when the group play golf in Vietnam for tours from 15 to 20 million VND

+ FREE 01 CUP SET for Champion, 1st & 2nd Runner-Up for 01 golf round when the group play golf in Vietnam for tours from 20 million VND

– For foreign tourists in inbound tours:

+ FREE buggy surcharge for single supplement for 5-golfer groups

+ FREE 01 snack in 01 random golf round for 10-golfer groups

+ FREE 01 voucher for 01 golf round for 15-golfer groups

+ FREE 01 Welcome Dinner in the first day for 20-golfer groups

2. MAXIMUM SAVING IN BOOKING GOLF: discount 500.000VND registering UniGolf VIP to book golf with the BEST rates!

In addition to the NET prices, the VIPs still get a series of privileges from UniGolf:

– Discount 25% shopping at UniGolf Shop

– Discount 15 million VND installing indoor golf simulators

– Special prices and incentives for inbound and outbound golf tours

– Effective golf cost management and convenient golf booking with UniGolf VIP application

– Instant notification of all new promotions of UniGolf

3. GOLF SHOPPING: get classy gifts for each 5-million-VND bill!

UniGolf Shop has many quality presents for golfers when buying golf tools and clothes at Pro Shop or website: www.unigolfshop.vn:

– For bills from 3 million VND: get 01 pair of UniGolf sleeves

– For bills from 5 million VND: get 01 double canopy UniGolf umbrella

Sunny – get golf sleeves. Rainy – get double canopy umbrella. Golfers can completely enjoy the round regardless of the weather with these handy gifts.

Let’s come to UniGolf Shop or visit www.UniGolfshop.vn to get the best authentic products with the best incentive prices!

4. INSTALL INDOOR GOLF SIMULATOR EASILY: discount 50 million VND installing indoor golf simulators from TruGolf (U.S.A)

The TruGolf indoor golf systems are well recommended by users all over the world for many years. Proud to be the exclusive agent to distribute this system in Vietnam, UniGolf guarantees to bring the realest golf experiences right to your house or living room!

On the 5th year of operation, UniGolf discounts 50 million VND when installing indoor golf simulators of TruGolf.

Only with 400 million VND, customers can play in more than 40 top golf courses worldwide with lively effects and visuals together with modern sensors to accurately analyze each swing and each round! Living rooms or offices, all can now transform into classy golf courses. For more details, please visit: www.Indoorgolf.vn


For more information of our promotions, please visit website: www.5years.unigolf.vn

Or contact UniGolf:

Hotline 24/7: 0909 998 534

Email: info@unigolf.vn

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