Overview of Tan Son Nhat Golf Course


1. Overview Tan Son Nhat Golf Course:
Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, invested and developed by Long Bien Group, under the management of the military, Tan Son Nhat Golf Course is the newest golf course system in the South of Vietnam. This is also the first golf course in the area that is open to unlimited customers. Tan Son Nhat golf course has a lot of potential for development because the only open golf course is located in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City, not too far from the center of District 1 and other high-class residential areas such as Phu My Hung District 7, Thao Dien District 2 and District 6.

The golf course consists of 4 courses: A-B-C-D, each 9-hole course with a total length of 14,715 yards with the advantage of beautiful natural terrain with undulating and wavy curves, each course is designed for each with different difficulty standards, Tan Son Nhat golf is the most prestigious golf destination in Vietnam that attracts golfers who are passionate about conquering challenges. The yard is also equipped with international standard lighting to prolong the endless excitement of the great experiences from the Night Games. Also, the golf course has a training ground with a length of 240 yards, a width of 100 yards with 68 practice mats divided into 2 floors, in front of the training ground there is also a sandpit area and an independent green putt for the player’s training and warm-ups.

Tan Son Nhat Golf Course is located right next to the largest airport in the South, welcoming thousands of international visitors every day, so it will not be surprising because the restaurant system here can professionally serve special dishes. In the world. In the future, to provide the best service for golfers as well as residents around the area, the management of Tan Son Nhat Golf Course plans to build 54 more villas, 1000 apartments, and 5-star hotels as well as schools. international study.

Clubhouse building of Tan Son Nhat is designed with open space on an area of 10.000m2 with classic design, modern equipment, and amenities such as Pro shop, a Locker room for men and women, Jacuzzi, Long Bien restaurant, separate VIP rooms, luxurious Wine Cellar with hundreds of high-class wines to meet all the meeting needs of customers. In particular, Long Bien Palace Wedding and Convention Center with a capacity of up to 2000 guests is reasonably arranged to open up the whole golf course with a full range of Asian-European and Vietnamese dishes to meet all needs to organize, weddings, parties, and birthdays with open and separate spaces and the professionalism and sophistication of the staff sure to make you satisfied.

2. Details:
Number of Holes: 36 holes
Golf Course Length: Including 4 courses, each one is 9-hole
+ Course A: 3729 yards
+ Course B: 3620 yards
+ Course C: 3747 yards
+ Course D: 3619 yards
– Par: Par 36 for each course A,B,C,D
Measure Unit: Yards
– Grass: Paspalum Platinum & Tif Eagle
– Car Path: Built around the golf course

Unlike the rest, yard A is the only one located far from the Club Block area and close to residential areas including villas, hotels, and luxury apartments. The club block of Tan Son Nhat Golf Course is one of the largest Clubhouses in Asia with a capacity of more than 5,000 guests at the same time. With a luxurious and modern design, many guests have praised the facilities here as reaching 7-star standards.

A Course


Course A with a total length of 3678 yards embraces a large lake. A complex of hotels and luxury villas are under construction, designed with golf courses of different difficulty levels, combined with golf courses and golf courses. Long-running car paths with coconut trees drooping on the side of the road will provide golfers with challenging matches.

B Course


C Course


D Course

3. Services:

– Locker: Large, luxury, and well-equipped locker area with 600 lockers, a modern shower room, steam bath, and luxury Jacuzzi will bring customers to the paradise of relaxation.

Pro shop: Pro shop offers an astonishing variety of golf equipment and products, most coming from world-renowned sports brands: Titlelist, Taylor Made, Home, Nike, Puma… to satisfy all needs of our customers.

– Tan Son Nhat Driving Range:
Tan Son Nhat Driving Range is regarded as one of the largest scale golf driving ranges in Southern Vietnam. The area includes two floors and 68 bays for all day & night practice, sustaining international standards.
+ 68 bays with artificial grass placed at 1st 7 2nd floor
+ Each swing line reaching to 240 yards height & 100 yards wide with 6 points: 50, 80, 100, 140, 180, 200 yards
+ Bunker & putting area
+ 36 male lockers, 18 female lockers
+ 7 male bathrooms, 6 female bathrooms
+ Golf Club, tool,.. for rent
+ Parking area: 2000m2

– Long Bien Restaurant: Long Bien Restaurant is on the 2nd floor of the Clubhouse with a capacity of 500 seats. The luxury restaurant is rated 4 stars in service quality and well-reputed for its wonderful view of the entire golf course. Long Bien Restaurant is decorated with a very big ship model for many kinds of high-quality seafood. Customers can have a beautiful view of the golf course and see the plans taking off and landing while having meals at Long Bien Restaurant – A La Carte. Besides, the luxury Wine cellar is an interesting place where customers can indulge their exquisite taste of first-class wine. VIP rooms are another highlight of the building, as their separation, comfort, and splendor are suitable for any meetings or family gathering.

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