[NEWS] Transportation Service Of West Lakes Golf & Villas

Dear Value Customer

Warmest from West Lakes Golf & Villas

In order to increase the convenience for the golfers in Ho Chi Minh City in the matter of moving to West Lakes Golf & Villas as well as to enhance the quality of our services, we would like to inform you about the Transportation Service Golf Course, as follows:

  1. Start: From Monday – 12 Nov 2018
  2. Pick up and Drop up locationViVo City, dist 7
  3. Term & condition: Min 8 golfers and Maximum 22 golfers
  4. Route:
Departure Arrival Departure Arrival
Departure 1 6:00 7:30
  9:30 8:00  
Departure 2 10:00   12:00
  15:00 13:30   Back 1
15:30 17:00
  19:30 18:00   Back 2
  1. Register: Please call UniGolf

Transportation service of West Lakes Golf & Villas serving customers all day of the week.

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