To the upper classes, Golf is not only “soul food” but also a conquest for proving themselves. Therefore, Sai Gon – an old destination with its appearance changing will be an ideal place for golfer’s conquest.

What’s makes Saigon famous, now?

After 1000 days of implement, on July 26th at Tan Cang, Binh Thanh district, Landmark 81 has been operated officially. With a height of up to 461m, the 81-floor tower is the new symbol of Saigon as well as symbol for growth and prosperity in Vietnam. It is recognized as the tallest building in Southeast Asia, including a service complex such as hotels; service apartments; commercial apartments Officetel; shopping centers and restaurants, bar, observation deck,…

At 6 pm every day, the tower begins to turn on lights to increase the bustle of entire area.

So when you arrive in Saigon, you can not only playing golf at the challenging golf courses but also explore unexpected changes. It can be a panoramic view of the city at night in the tallest building in Vietnam, the top 10 world’s tallest buildings.

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