Indoor Golf Simulator Rental

Let make your events turn into a unique and unforgettable experience with your guests!
An interesting way to attract more customers to visit your stand at an exhibition show!

UniGolf is an exclusive distributor of TruGolf at South East Asian; specialize in supplying and renting mobile indoor golf simulator which is suitable for every event, expo stands, or your personal space. We can meet all of your needs whether they are long-term or short-term, personal or enterprise demands.
In addition to TruGolf, UniGolf is also the distributor of Cosmos Sun, Bravo Golf to bring more options to customers.
Besides that, UniGolf has experience consulting and construction of mini golf yard, chipping yard, putting green … for you to experience more exciting golf. We are also a genuine supplier of golf products and tools.

Indoor Golf Simulator Rental for an event, exhibition, business conference, promotion shows, etc,

UniGolf’s technical team will make an evaluation and proposal basing on your space & needs at the event for a whole installation system package.

The Indoor Golf Simulator will be the center of attention and the ideal way to attract all kinds of customers, especially the one with high income, to your stands at an exhibition
Not only used for golfing or hosting small technical golf competition to create an interesting atmosphere around your event, the system can also be a place for socializing, entertaining, displaying video clip on big screen with high quality and vivid  sound. Besides, you can also easily add your own recreational activities into this system

Indoor Golf Simulator Rental for your private home, small business
UniGolf will discuss with you to understand your specific demands: renting an Indoor Golf system for your own entertainment, golf practicing, or setting up an entertaining system at small business like bar, coffee shop, etc.

Indoor Golf Simulator Description:
TruGolf Technique Professional or Prestige Golf Simulator made in America is set up and distributed by UniGolf. It consists of database of 80 famous golf courses around the world, adjustable practicing program, and easily programmable for holding small technical competitions like Longest Drive, Nearest to the Pin, Hole in one and much more depend on your demands.
A system comes with real golf ball and 1 set of golf club

Refer to the events we performed:

  • The event launched Boss Green golf products on 14th August 2016 in HCM city

See more images at here

  • From 20th to 21st October 2016, a Supplier Conference of Cobra Puma was organized at GEM Center (Ho Chi Minh City)

See more images at here

Preference price: from 25.000.000 VND per day (include survey, install, and uninstall fee within Ho Chi Minh City and 1 technician to assist with the software adjustment in 8 hours)

We hope to have a meeting with you to get to know more about your demands and offer you our best renting price.

Ms. Đặng Nhật Ánh (Anna)
Mobile phone: 0909 362 655