Golfing Tips for Vietnam Golf Holiday

With exciting Courses, Rich Food and Hospitable People, Start Your Golf Journey In Vietnam

Vietnam is rich in food. Once on the list of 10 best culinary cities in Asia through famous travel website Skyscanner: Bangkok, Taipei, Fukuoka, Penang and Hanoi, in which Hanoi is in the first place. With the famous Hanoi Pho, Vietnam deserves to be on this list because it is loved by many tourists. such as bread, bun cha, spring rolls, nuggets, tea ….. equally good to help make a “world” delicious cuisine on the streets in Vietnam.
Besides that, Vietnam is also a famous place for cafe gardens, delicious roasted cashews. It is difficult to translate Specialty Coffee into Vietnamese in the most meaningful way because it is not only a specialty coffee, the value it brings is not only a unique coffee flavor but also the quality of life, of those involved in the supply chain, including nature and the environment. Experience the morning coffee with a bowl of pho to start a golf game is great

Vietnam is a tropical country with lowlands, hills, highlands, dense forests … and a coastline of 3,260 kilometers excluding islands, that leads to a variety of terrain golf courses, including majestic views between mountains and the sea and vast mountain fields.
Vietnam is now an ideal location for the designer to design the golf course with the coastline that runs along with the country, which has given Vietnam a great advantage over other countries. Come to Vietnam and feel the difference between coastal, mountain, plain or even golf courses on the island!

A stable politics and a warm, pleasant climate all year round offer special advantages. Vietnam is located in a tropical monsoon climate, with hot weather all year round. There will be rains in the summer, but it will not affect your game, so golf is guaranteed year-round regardless of the season.

Vietnam people have a reputation for hospitality. Vietnam is a new destination, so only when visitors have come to appreciate it has surpassed their expectations. All for the friendliness, smiles of Vietnamese people everywhere.

– The Vietnam caddies will be of the unique experiences of your golf holiday. However, be forewarned you may like having a caddie in Vietnam, but it won’t be until you return home that you really miss the Vietnamese caddies!
– Caddies are compulsory at all Vietnam golf courses and their fees are included in your green fee. Caddie tips are excluded in the caddie change, normal tips are $20 US dollars around 18 holes/golfer, this might just be the best deal out there.
– Most caddies in Vietnam speak English. Extremely helpful, attractive, and with a great sense of humor, they generally come from rural backgrounds and really appreciate and value their jobs. Vietnamese caddies will look after your clubs until you are ready to play. Almost all of the golf courses in Vietnam are waling courses and caddies use a golf trolley to walk the course with you. However, should you prefer to take a golf cart, then they will ride alongside and if requested even drive for you or hang on the back of your cart should you prefer to share your cart with your golfing buddy or partner.
– Caddies are very knowledgeable about the rules of golf, and quite amazingly, after only a few shots they can club you extremely accurately. The more experienced ones are fantastic assistance on the greens, being very accurate with their assessment of the speed and line of your putt. They will mark and clean your ball on the green, leaving you only to put the ball in the hole. Remember; do not blame them if you miss as it means you have not got the combination of speed and line right!
– Golfing in Vietnam with a caddie is certainly a unique experience. In fact, I am sure you will find it to be one of the best parts of golfing in Vietnam.

January to April is the best time to golf anywhere in Vietnam and is when the temperature is mild and the weather is dry. Golfers could expect some sunlight but it will not be long nor get too hot in the North, dry and warmer in the Central and the South
May to June time frame is good for golfing in Danang and the Central area. Down to the Southern area, the weather gets hotter, especially in Saigon while getting humid with high rainfall in the North. Golfing in these areas will get the players to sweat badly or the game to be delayed during that time.
– July to September is quite hot in the central area, temperatures can hit the mid 30°Cs; whilst high levels of rainfall can occur further in September, October, and November. In North and South Vietnam, players should expect sudden quick rain frequently which will stop within 30 minutes, but at the same time, that the rain will make the atmosphere cooler. Hence, players could take a short break before continuing the round.
October to December is when the weather is unpredictable due to typhoons or sea storm affecting the coast, which could delay a golf tour 5-7 days. However, golfers could still play in Hanoi, Northern golf courses or Saigon. Make sure to check with your booking agent or local tour operator to keep yourself updated with the weather condition.

7. TAKE YOUR TIME TO CHOOSE THE BEST GOLF COURSE because there are more than 60 golf courses in Vietnam
Considered as a growing golf market, there are numerous championship golf courses designed by most-talented golfers as Nick Faldo, Greg Norman,… launched across Vietnam. Let’s pick your favorite ones at:

– List of golf courses in Southern Vietnam

– List of golf courses in Northern Vietnam

– List of golf courses in Central Vietnam

Vietnam Golf Course

Don’t worry about the cost, you can play at a high-quality golf course with a very affordable price
The average cost of Vietnam’s golf course ranging from 70$ to 150$ depends on region, season, as well as weekdays or weekend. It is normal when you can play at a cheap price in a word-class quality golf course in Vietnam. Besides promotions in golf courses, there are also some booking agents that offer better golf deals such as UniGolf. Usually, these golf deals are occasional and limited, you should contact golf booking agents as early as possible to get them.


  1. Vietnam is located in Asia and follows the golf rules of British R&A or USGA in both the amateur and professional tournaments
  2. There are two sizes of golf cart: 2-passenger and 4-passenger. Visitors are allowed to drive the golf carts.
  3. Vietnam has a subtropical climate. There may be snakes or other wild animals in the bushes or brushwood, so please be careful in these areas.
  4. It is a good idea to bring and spray around your ankles and wrists with a mosquito repellent. Malaria poses no threat to Vietnam golf courses, but if you intend traveling outside the main centers or in the jungle make sure you are adequately protected.
  5. Crossing the street: You need to merge slowly into the flow, keep the steady speed, do not hesitate and do not stop. Please do not use the mobile phone. The vehicle will automatically adjust to you.
  6. Seasonal clothes: The summer in Vietnam is hot. Please drink plenty of water and wear sun protection while playing golf. In winter, the North of Vietnam is cold, you need to bring a thick coat. An umbrella and raincoat is always in your bag in the rain season. Watch the weather forecast before going out.
  7. At least a 6-month passport: You need to make sure your passport is valid for 6 months after you arrive in Vietnam.
  8. Buying a Vietnamese sim when arriving: it is too easy to buy a sim in Vietnam. When out of the money, you can buy the card everywhere (airport, market or request hotel reception help you buy)
  9. Money exchange: There are many exchange kiosks at the Airport and the rates are competitive. It is much better to change your foreign currency here than at your hotel, golf course, or restaurant.
  10. Credit card: accepted (Visa, Master, JCB…)
  11. Getting Around: If you are thinking of hiring a car, don’t! Foreigners are not allowed to drive in Vietnam anyway. The best way to get to/from the airport and golf courses are private limousine or van. The costs are low and this takes the hassle of dealing with local taxis. Just ask your hotel to call you a radio taxi or get car by yourself through ride-hailing app (Grab, Be, Go-Viet…)
  12. Driver tips are excluded in the transportation fee, normal tips is $10 US dollars per day/driver.
  13. You might need a travel adapter: The standard voltage in Vietnam is 220V with a frequency of 50Hz, and the typical plug types are A (2 vertical pins), C (2 round pins), and F (Schuko plug). If your device runs at a different voltage, it’s best to invest in a good travel adapter.
  14. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen: Sunscreen is another essential item to pack when traveling in Vietnam. While you won’t have too much trouble finding sunscreen at a local grocery store or even in a convenience store, it’s important to know that most sunscreen brands in Asia contain whitening agents that can change your skin color. Make sure to bring your favorite brand along for a worry-free trip.
  15. Learn to haggle (really fast): If you’re visiting Vietnam for the first time, then you’re in for a real treat. Everything is dirt cheap, and haggling is standard practice at markets and hole-in-the-wall stores. With that said, though, you should know that prices (for tourists) are generally hugely inflated, and the only way to get a lower price is to haggle! Don’t be afraid to ask around first to get a good idea of the bargaining range. Decide on a price you’d like to pay and stick to it no matter what. Most vendors only give prices in USD, so best to figure out the conversion rate before you make a trip to the market. 
  16. Consider Travel Insurance: Although Vietnam is a relatively safe country to visit, it’s important to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. And that doesn’t just include petty theft. Food poisoning, getting injured during an adventure activity, losing your valuables, or even missing a flight are just some of the things that can really ruin your Vietnam trip.
  17. Mobile app:
    • Google Map: help you find the way to your destination
    • Grab/Go Jet: for get taxi
Vietnam Golf Guide

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