Unique Corporate Gift/ Golf Tournament Products

Currently, in addition to the purchase of golf custom from major brands: Footjoy, Adidas, Nike, … the trend of self-design clothing for golf tournaments of the organization, the golf clubs, … also very popular. So that, It not only help people find out the costume fitting their body, but also can reflect the unique style for each organization most clearly.

So, in order to meet customer’s needs better and more diverse, UniGolf please to introduce the products for golf tournaments with affordable price

In particular, UniGolf has a team of experienced staffs to advise and assist customers to choose the suitable costumes, accessories, equipment for each tournament, each unit.

Polo Golf Shirt:

Designed with luxurious style, it will help players relaxed and more confident on the course. Shirt cloth was woven by Korean technology so it always be cool. And when the wearer sweats a lot, it will not stick pans on the back as the conventional cloth.

  • Cloth: cotton / poly ester / spandexMaterial: imported from Korea.Made in Vietnam with international standardColor: Optional

Golf Hats:

Golf hats was made from 100% cotton. It can absorbs moisture well so that you’ll feel comfortable. Hats have designs and colorful youthful model so they can fit everyone. You not only can wear it to play golf but also use in playing other sports or walking.

  • 100% CottonMaterials: be imported from Korea.Made in Vietnam with international standardColor: optional

Golf Umbrella:

The design with 2 canopies (2 layer) makes umbrella be stronger. Besides, large size (up to 60-65 inches when open) is suitable for using in both of rainy and sunny.

  • Models: Single canopy – Double canopiesMaterial: leather fabric (protect from sunscreen, UV rays)Raw materials: imported from Korea – Taiwan.Made in Vietnam with international standardColor: optional

Boston Bags/ Handbags / Cart Bags:

Simple design, dynamic and lightweight to help players feel comfortable. Material used mainly leather, PU leather an simili. Bag can hold a lot of things: clubs, clothes, shoes, balls, tees, .. depending on the function of each type of bag. You can choose the designs and colors in your own style.

  • Material: genuine leather, simili leather, PU leather
  • Raw materials: imported from Korea – Taiwan
  • Made in Vietnam with international standard
  • Color: optional
  • Models: Diversity

Golf Arm Sleeve:

Whether you play golf at any time of the day, the sun is still somewhat affect your skin. The pair of sleeve will prevent your hands from the sun. The fabric is woven with Korean technology and has components includes spandex and poly ester. Through softens technology, they can make you feel cool, fit, naturally while playing.

  • Material: Cotton / Poly ester / spandex fibers (are softened, cooled)
  • Materials: be imported from Korea.
  • Made in Vietnam with international standard
  • Color: optional

Print logo on golf balls:

Design & Print logo on the ball with sharp, obviously, no fade, scratch or rub off … especially not alter, or affect the structure or functions of ball.

  • Printer and ink were imported from USA
  • There may be 1-4 color printing according to your logo.

Trophy for Golf Championship:

UniGolf offers a wide range of elegant yet luxury metal and crystal trophy for every tournament you may host, from small-scale to large-scale ones.


UniGolf provides a brand new service – LOGO PRINTING on TEE GOLF. With our new technology – printing on rotatory axis, we ensure a clear and vivid image of logo on small golf tees. The tees we use are made of bamboo which is strong, firm, can stay in right shape and colors over times as well as very naturally friendly.

We are committed to give customers the best quality.

Please contact the business department of UniGolf for consulation:

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