​Golf Lessons

You’ve played golf already but you are facing troubles to improve your skill?

You want to start learning golf to maintain your health, body flexibility or meeting with your business partners?

Golf lessons from basic to advance level from CEO of UniGolf – Golfer Jamie Bao Nguyen will definitely bring you positive effects for any of your demand.

With 15 years’ passion and experiences of golf at many golf courses worldwide, as well as has been trained all basic techniques of golf in the US, Jamie Bao Nguyen has achieved many good performances both in Vietnam and abroad. Especially, his enthusiasm and ability to convey knowledge will bring the right level golf lessons to golfers as demand and a guaranteed good result.

Below is the 2 learning programs designed by Jamie Bao Nguyen with easy-to-understand textbook and a suitable training time for every golfers:

1. For beginner:

Content: Basic golf knowledge and skills

Program: 10 lesson (50-60 mins).

Tuition fee: USD 450 (golf ball and courses fee are excluded)

2. For golfers who want to improve skill:

Content: For golfers who want to improve swing and raise their golf skills to a higher level.

Program: 5 lessons (50-60 mins)

Tuition fee: USD 250 (golf ball and courses fee are excluded).

Jamie Nguyen Ngoc Bao

Best record: 65 (-7) stroke, 9 birdie, 2 bogey

Competition record: 68 & 69 stroke (-7) for 2 consecutive competition days at Da Lat Viet-Czech Tournament in 2011

Championship at 1000 years of Thang Long Golf Tournament (2010)

Championship at Thu Duc Garden Home Golf Tournament (2010 & 2012)

Championship at Blue Trophy Vietnam Gross (66 stroke) (2012)

Third-prize at Heineken World Golfers Championship Tournament in South Africa (2012)

And more than 100 other awards.

Meeting with a famous Australian golfer – Greg Norman in Scotland (Oct-2012)

For consultancy about training golf courses as well as suitable training time, please contact directly to Jamie Bao Nguyen.

Mobile: 0906 662 206

Email: jamie@unigolf.vn