[EVENT] Congratulation On The Grand Opening Of The Anam Resort And The Golf East Sea Group Open 2017


On the invitation of The Anam Resort, UniGolf’s BOD presented in Cam Ranh peninsula, Khanh Hoa province to attend the Grand Opening of the high-class The Anam Resort on April 27th, 2017.

With a total area of 12 ha and over 200m of coastline, The Anam Resort is the very first 5-star resort in Nha Trang, featuring the 19th Century Indochina architecture which is highly classic, delicate and elegant. The Anam was constructed with a system of 105 separate villas, 12 hill villas, 96 hotel rooms with high-end amenities such as water sports area, gymnasium, Spa area, conference room along with 3 large restaurants. Started its operation in September 2016 and to present, The Anam has been being high valued by customers, not only thanks to the unique charm, high standard amenities but also for the professional services of its staff.

As a part of the Grand Opening ceremony, the golf tournament East Sea Group Open 2017 was successfully organized by UniGolf, as sponsored by The Anam and Indovina Bank. The tournament was attended by 32 guest golfers, who are also the close friends, shareholders and sponsors of East Sea Group, at the sunny and windy course of Diamond Bay Golf & Villas, Nha Trang. The favorable weather and the fascinating nature of Diamond course increased the excitement and joy of the games.

UniGolf was truly honored to be the accompanying partner of The Anam in this Grand Opening as well as the tournament East Sea Group Open 2017. On behalf of the BOD, we would like to congratulate to The Anam on this 2 major events and hopefully UniGolf will have more opportunities to accompany with The Anam in the future.

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