Our Customer think about Us

The experiences we have on offer are as varied as our client’s desires and here are some sample adventures we have organized to give you a taste of what can be done and how our clients felt about them.
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Thanks for your support that keep up our mission to bring the best services to golfers.

From Mr Tan Thiam Kwee
To: Nhat Huy (Bob) – UniGolf staff
03 Feb 2018
“Thanks for the fast service Super”

From: Paivi Kettunen – Lomalinja Oy Holiday Tours Ltd
To: Hồng Thương (Jenny) – UniGolf staff
08 Mar 2018
“Dear Jenny, Thank you for organizing the tour and hosting our golf customers. I have received awesome feedback. Services, guides, food and everything were praised as excellent!”

From: Christopher Nguyen – Customer from Califonia
To: Hồng Thương (Jenny) – UniGolf staff
17 Mar 2018
“Thương, Thank you so much for everything. Your boss is very lucky to have you as an employee. Hopefully, I will get a chance to meet you when I am in Vietnam”

From: Matt Douhan
To: UniGolf
22 Sep 2018 – after play one game in Jakarta, we have great feedback

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