[TIPS] Slice – The Causes & Fixes

One of the most common mishit shots for recreational and high-handicap golfers is a “slice”. A sliced shot happens when the golf ball curves dramatically from left to right of the target line (for right-handed golfer). Fully understanding the causes and the fixes of a slice can help you control it or even use it intentionally like a pro.

At its root, a sliced shot is caused by the clubface arriving at impact with the golf ball in an open position. This may be due to many causes as below:
Grip: Overturning hand or hands to the left.
Set-up: Aligning shoulders and/ or feet too far to the left of the target line.
Backswing: Taking the club back too far to the outside, pushing it away from body or twisting it clockwise
Downswing: Pushing too much on right shoulder and arms in transition, causing the club approaches the ball from outside the target line.

After thoroughly knowing of the causes, you can step-by-step fix them
Grip: With the clubface square to the target, you should be able to see at least 2 knuckles on your left hand when looking down. Another way is to point the “V’s” formed by the thumb and index finger of both hands to somewhere between your right shoulder and right ear.

Source: ThoughtCo.com

Set-up: Lay a club on the ground, parallel to your target line and align your feet, knees, hips and shoulders parallel to that club.

Source: Alluvit.com

Backswing: Pose your backswing at the top, make sure the shaft is over your shoulder but not over your head, with the left arm cross your chest a little bit. The clubface should “open” to the target line without any effort to twist or hinge the wrists at all. This means the back of your left wrist should be straight when you get to the top.

Source: Blogolfe.com

Downswing: Make sure there is no lift or push forward with your arms, your weight shifts to the front foot and your body turns toward the target. While this is happening, you should feel a slight drop of your left arm down your torso. And by the time the clubface gets to your right leg, there should be softness on the wrists, with a feeling of letting the club swing.

Source: Golftipsmag.com

With these corrections in swing set up and the clubface positions, the unintentional slice shot will be eliminated in no time!

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