[TIPS] Simple Exercises To Strengthen Your Spine

The potential spine injury is unavoidable, even for the professionals with highly skillful swings. One advice from physicalists is that, strengthen the muscles around the spine, improve the middle and upper back’s flexibility. This article has easy routines that golfers can apply at home or at the gym with only a stability ball:

  1. Extend the back

Lie with your face down on the ball, keep your hands behind head and elbows flared, the legs keep balance. Rise up and bend down 10 times until you feel the back is extended. Next, in the rising position, rotate your body to the left and right, 10 times each side.

  1. Work the middle out

Get a push-up set up with the ball resting under the upper thighs, legs and back straighten to keep balance. Using your hands to push the body forward until the ball rolls to the feet and return. Repeat this 10 times to work out the middle back, protecting the spine’s motions.

  1. Tighten the upper body

Start on all fours with the ball sits beside. Reach the right hand across your chest to the left, lay it on the ball, palm up. Hold the left arm straight, rotate the upper body and head to the left, pushing the right hand to the ball following the move. Practise this move 10 times for each side.

  1. Reversing back extension

Lie on the ball on yout back, square your knees to keep balance and straighten 2 arms in front. Bend your head backward, lean your body and reach your hands as far as you can. Hold the position in 5 seconds and return. Repeat 10 times.

  1. Stretching intercostal and hip muscles

Lie on a side on the ball, keep balance with 2 legs and 1 arm on the floor. The other hand reach over head and extend the intercostal part, hold for 5 sec and go back. Do this exercise 10 times and change side.

From Golf Digest

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