[TIPS] Q&A: All About The “Lag”

Question: What is “LAG”?
Answer: In a swing, “LAG” is a dynamic condition when the clubhead trails behind the hands from the beginning of the downswing to the impact.

Source: Golf WRX

Question: How to determine “LAG”?
Answer: Simply by checking the bend of the trailing wrist or observing the angle of the club shaft and the trailing forearm.
Question: Is “LAG” necessary?
Answer: Yes it very is, because it is a dynamic condition for a standard swing. Lack of lag is basically a mishit, without a sufficient power and an accurate impact. However, each golfer needs a different lag, matching one’s physical strength, swinging technique and tempo. There are some names to be listed such as Ben Hogan, Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia, who have extreme lag, while other golfers like Tom Watson, Steve Stricker and David Toms just need a little one in their swings.
Question: Can control “LAG” or not?
Answer: A great news is yes, a sufficient lag can be controlled by practicing. However, for the best result in practicing, please note some common mistakes and remember correct methods.
Question: What is an incorrect “LAG” method?
– “Hold lag angle”: in facts, you cannot hold the lag angle, only can sustain or maintain it. Striving to hold on to that angle can cause a speed decrease as well as an opened clubface.
– Try the “max lag”: intentionally trying to create a max lag can be impressive in tutorial video clips, yet not so helpful in a practicing range, due to the difficulty controlling the club’s power and accuracy.

Source: Golf WRX

– Practise the “wide to narrow”: a method for a standard backswing: at the beginning, put the clubhead behind in a wide angle; at the end of the backswing, starting the downswing, trail the clubhead down in a narrow angle, creating a lag and power at impact. Most amateur golfers lack of control at backswing, particularly when intentionally practicing this “wide – narrow” method without fluency. As a result, the swing would easily go out of plane, less centered impact with too steep attack angle, and also loosen the grip in attempt to make a big lag.

Source: Golf.com

Question: And what is a correct “LAG” method?
Please note 2 key flaws that lose lag
Firstly, the pivot disruption. This problem happens when the lead shoulder is slow down or stop rotating in the downswing.
Secondly, the hand misdirection. This takes place when hands stop at the ball in attempt to “hit”, instead of moving seamlessly toward and backward of impact.
To prevent those, the simplest way is to stop thinking of controlling the wrist to create a lag, but let clubhead’s weight bend it naturally instead.
Practice your swing in a smoothest way without slowing or stopping, together with feeling your wrist and forearm to visualize the lag. After feeling it clearly, controlling it would be much more easy.

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