[TIPS] Important Tips When Choosing A Driver

Club head

As the part directly impacts the ball, the club head, or the club face for more specific, effects greatly to the accuracy and the distance. For beginners, the bigger the sweetspot is (a spot on the club face where makes the smoothest feeling, the most accurate and the farthest distance), the easier to play. The maximum size currently is 460cc. For more professional golfers, you can choose a driver with a smaller head to increase the agility or adjust its weights to suit your swing power and tendency for more draw of fade hits.

Loft angle

Loft angle stands for the angle between the club face and the vertical plan squaring the ground. The bigger the loft angle, the opener the impact, the further distance. Amateur golfers should pick clubs with loft angles below 10 degrees, and the opposite for professional golfers.

Shaft length

The length of the club shaft is also an important part of consideration, because it needs to suit the physical strength, swing tendency and height of the player. A too long or short shaft can prevent the maximum power and the comfortable spot of a swing. Principally, the longer the shaft is, the more powerful the swing is. However, it is more difficult to hit it right than a shorter shaft. A normal driver shaft is 45 inches, a 3-wood is 43 inches and other woods are 42 inches.

Shaft flex

There are a variety of club shafts with diverse flexibilities for golfers. Each individual has his/her own swing’s power and tempo distinctly, therefore a golfer should take time to consider between a flexible shaft or a stiff one to bring out the best shots of accuracy and strength.
On each shaft, there is a letter code standing for its flexibility. The most common letters are L, A, R, S and X, with the flexibilities decrease by this order.
“L”: stands for “ladies flex”
“A” or “M”: denotes “amateur” or “medium flex” (can also be designated “AM”, “A/M” or Senior”)
“R”: represents “regular flex”
“S”: stands for “stiff flex” (or “Firm”)
“X”: represents “extra stiff flex” (or “Tour”)
When swinging, the shaft will be bent under the impact and affect the point of contact of the clubface with the ball, which will affect the three most important factors of a stroke: accuracy, trajectory and distance. Unskillful golfers with low speed should use flexible driver such as L, A or R to maximize the distance. Higher speed swinger can choose stiffer shaft for more accuracy.

Shaft weight

The club shaft has been innovating to become lighter. They are normally made of graphite and weight up to 55 – 60 grams, instead of heavy steel. However, professional golfers with good power and fast tempo can choose heavier shaft around 65 grams to strengthen to hit.

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