[TIPS] Easy Ways To Center Your Impact

What makes a great ball striker? There are plenty of answers for this question, but the most primary fundamental is the ability to make a centered contact. This means everything and affects everything from spin, launch angle, distance, curve and of course, the scores. Here is a great drill to determine how dis-centered your impact is and how you re-center it!

Firstly, draw a big dot on your golf balls with a dry-erase marker (for easier clean afterward).

Next, hit these balls several times and check the clubface to see where the impacts were. There are 2 tendencies: too much on the toe or on the heel, accordingly there are 2 separate ways to re-center the impact.

Source: Justin Klemballa, PGA – Golf Tips Mag

Basically, the toe shot caused by your hands and arms too close to your body, and the reverse cause for the heel shot. Put 2 balls on the ground about 3 inches from each other, name them ball #1 (the normal one, closer to you) and ball #2 (the dot marked one, farther from you). Then, start to aim for ball #1 but swing the club and hit ball #2. This practice gives you a feeling of extended hands and arms further than normal, which will help center the impact between clubface and ball.

Source: Justin Klemballa, PGA – Golf Tips Mag

In reverse, if your strikes are too much to the heel, do the opposite. Switch the position of 2 balls, set up and address ball #1 and hit ball #2.

After the drill, check the clubface to see how your contact re-centered, but this is not the point. The key is the right feeling that helps the clubface impacts at the sweet spot of the ball, try to catch it, remember it and recall it when striking until you master it. Better contact leads lower scores, for sure.

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