[TIPS] Burst The Common Myths

The sport of golf is a combination of complex techniques requiring players to correctly understand and apply to master every shot. To women, this knowledge can be quite hard to absorb and easily distorted into figments worsening the results on golf courses. Here are the 3 most common myths that female golfers should get rid of before forming bad habits.

1. The more turning, the more powerful swing, the further distance.
With weaker physical power comparing to men’s, women golfers usually strive so hard to hit the ball as far as possible, especially in the body turning. In backswing, the most common incorrect move is to turn the hips too much right and nearly the same as the shoulders, and even to lift the leading foot to support the turning. This posture causes wrong weight shift and balance when swinging, affecting the accuracy and the maximum power of the shot.
In facts, a good rule to be applied is to turn 90 degrees of shoulders and 45 degrees of hips with feet on the ground.

Source: Alison Curdt, PGA, LPGA – GolfTipsMag.com

2. Pointing the clubface to the target during the swing.
Many girls and ladies keep the face this way with a hope of a more straight shot. However, with this grip, the clubface will impact at a “closed” angle which lowers the ball flight as well as deviates it to the left.
The truth is, in backswings, shoulders and arms should let the club “opened” and only square at impact with the ball, and eventually “close” afterward. This is a decent way to rotate the clubhead to create a solid and sharp trajectory.

Source: Alison Curdt, PGA, LPGA – GolfTipsMag.com

3. Set a straight line of arms and the club to target
The difference in anatomy from men often makes women find it hard looking for a comfortable point to put their arms and clubs aiming. Therefore, they set their arms and clubs on straight lines for a similarly straight shot.
Literally, this position causes more tension on the arms, preventing them from generating the maximum power and smoothly swinging as well. Let practice this correct stance: Bend a bit forward at the hips, hang 2 arms naturally from the shoulders, and finally put the clubhead into the right spot of its length.

Source: Alison Curdt, PGA, LPGA – GolfTipsMag.com

Lady golfers should remember these myths to avoid the bad habits, the wrong stances and practice following the beneficial methods to achieve the optimized results, whether in the driving ranges or in the golf courses!

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