[TIPS] Basics Of A Club Set

For beginner, getting to know each golf club in a club set is kind of important. Not only a tool to play, every club has its own shape, size, material, different usages on courses and also distinctive feelings. This article contains some basic knowledge of a standard club set for people just starting to learn this luxurious sport.

Normally, a full set includes 12 clubs
Wood: 3 clubs (1,3,5-wood)
Iron: 8 clubs (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9-iron and PW – Pitching Wedge)
A golf club has an as bigger number, as larger loft angle, as shorter the shaft (the angle between the club face and a vertical plane squaring the ground). The larger loft angle, the easier to play and the longer the shaft, the more power the swing.

These are the longest clubs in a set, mainly used for the tee-off or long strike par5. As stated in the name, wood clubs are made of wood, however, nowaday most of them changed into Titanium for an easier and more accurate centering of weight. A Driver or 1-wood is the longest club with the biggest club head and the smallest loft angle (7-12 degrees), 3-wood loft angle is 15-18 degrees, and of 5-wood is 20-22 degrees.

These are the most golf clubs in a set, mainly used when you’re at about 200 yards to Green. The nearer to Green, the bigger number of club. In the 8 irons listed above, 3 and 4-iron are the most difficult to play due to their longest shafts and smallest loft angles, while 9-iron is the easiest.

In the iron family there is a special member called Wedge, with large loft angle, used to strike short or medium ranges and near Green. PW has the smallest loft angle in Wedges at about 48 degrees. Other Wedges are Approach Wedge (AW), Sand Wedge (SW), Lob Wedge (LW), High Lob Wedge and Last Wedge with loft angles respectively are 52, 56, 60, 64 and 68 degrees.

These are the most used clubs in a set, their duty is putting the ball into holes on Green. Because of this, the head of a putter is specially designed, divided into 3 types. “Blade” is the basic type, suiting straight shot in solid and flat Green. “Heel-toe” is an upgrade of blade, thinner, longer and requiring more skills, more accuracy. The last type is mallet, with a big head, helping blance the mis-centered hits. In length, putters also have 3 sizes: standard, belly and broomstick. Putters are very essential in scoring, therefore they require much of feeling and technique. Picking a right putter for your hands, body will help bring out the best result and avoid bad bogeys.

As we all know, golf is kind of expensive, so a full set of golf clubs will cost considerably. A club price ranges from dozens to hundreds or even thousands, then a cheap set can also cost up to 400-500$. When starting to play golf, don’t rush to spend a lot in “branded” clubs, but instead buy the basic ones which are easy to handle and practice to know each club’s characteristic.
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