[TIPS] 5 Simple Tips Improving The Short Game

  1. No skipping swing mechanics

Hitting soft and short does not mean skipping normal routines in a swing. Take these notes, start with a closed stance, keep it square at impact, hinge the right wrist a bit at backswing and move your lower part following the move.

[TIPS] 5 Simple Tips Improving The Short Game

  1. Take advance of the bounce

With a right hit, the club face will go smoothly through the grass, lifting the ball up higher and more on track. What to do is keeping your arms in line with the shaft at impact. Don’t try to press it forward, because it increases the risk of hitting in the grass, making the ball flies lower.

  1. Focus on your arms

Straighten arms holding the grip will form a “V” shape, and the thing is maintaining this “V” shape as you swing back and through. The effect of this move is flying the ball easily, on track and more spin. Avoid wrist actions because it causes too fat or thin shots.

[TIPS] 5 Simple Tips Improving The Short Game

  1. Hinge for bump-and-run

Bump-and-run is totally handy for short distances to the pin or when airborne ball is vulnerable. To make the ball bounce and roll on green to the hole, your stance should be a bit leaning forward to reduce loft, during backswing hinge your wrists and maintain all the way to the finish.

[TIPS] 5 Simple Tips Improving The Short Game

  1. Soften your hands

Lighter the grip pressure can also improve the shots considerably. Let’s try to decrease the tightness of the hands (at level 4 in the scale of 10), arms, wrists will feel less tension and the shot will be more accurate.

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