Overview of Royal Island Golf


Royal Island Golf & Villas or Mekong Golf Course is in Binh Duong Province.

1. Overview of Royal Island Golf & Villas:

It is a 100% foreign direct investment company and is the result of million-dollar collaboration investment of Nan Phong International from Taiwan and San Yang Golf Course in China. The two companies have years of experience in real estate, hotel and resort businesses.

It may take you a little long excursion to go there, around 80 or 90 minutes, using Highway No.1 & No.13, but it is worth it. Coming there, the only thing you wanna do is relax or enjoy the freshness of countryside scenery, get rid of the hustle-bustle of daily routine life.

2. Details of Royal Island Golf & Villas:

Mekong Golf Course is a golf course that is completely surrounded by a natural river system, bringing a rather interesting experience if you choose to travel on the river to come here.

Alongside the Royal Island Golf & Villas, the site consists of the development of a 54-hotel championship complex and aims to be the organizer of the PGA Tour in the future. It is officially opened in 2014, including two eighteens divided into two-phase construction, in which the later finished two years later than the previous. In the future, there is going to be more 18-hole added to the site, increasing the total hole to 54 and making Royal Island Golf & Vilas the very first 54-hole golf course in the South of Viet Nam.

3. Additional services at Royal Island Golf & Villas:

At Royal Island golf course, there are almost all necessary facilities and services for players: Caddies team, electric car service, training ground system, practice mats, golf club rental service, golf shoes,. .. In addition, Royal Island Golf & Villas also has a commercial center, 4-star restaurant, a system of international standard villas, … to meet the needs of rest and entertainment of visitors.

Royal Island Golf

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