[NEWS] New Rules Of R&A And USGA Of Limiting Video Review


On May 25th, 2017, the R&A and the USGA issued a new Decision on the Rules of Golf to limit the use of video evidence in the game. A committee consisting representatives from the LPGA, PGA Tour, European Tour, Ladies European Tour and PGA of America has been called for a comprehensive review these new rules and the way to apply them to the games.

Specifically, New Decision 34-3/10 implements two standards for Rules committees to limit the use of video:
1. When video reveals evidence that could not reasonably be seen with the “naked eye”
“The use of video technology can make it possible to identify things that could not be seen with the naked eye.” If the committee concludes that such facts could not reasonably have been seen with the naked eye and the player was not otherwise aware of the potential breach, the player will be deemed not to have breached the Rules, even when video technology shows otherwise. This is an extension of the provision on ball-at-rest-moved cases, which was introduced in 2014.

2. When players use their “reasonable judgment” to determine a specific location when applying the Rules.
The second standard applies when a player determines a spot, point, position, line, area, distance or other location in applying the Rules, and recognizes that a player should not be held to the degree of precision that can sometimes be provided by video technology. So long as the player does what can reasonably be expected under the circumstances to make an accurate determination, the player’s reasonable judgment will be accepted, even if later shown to be inaccurate by the use of video evidence.

Source: SCgolf.com

The enactment of the New Rules comes from complicated arguments caused by video reviews on TV broadcast. Moreover, the diffence in recording angles of media agencies, reporters and fans can easily mislead the in-game situations. Therefore, the Rules enhanced the essentiality of a comprehensive review and judgment from a committee over the video records.

Source: Twitter

The CEO of R&A Martin Slumbers stated that reviewing video records could affects significantly the judgments on golf courses, so to ensure the integrity and fairness as the nature of the sport of golf, this New Rules were highly essential.

Mr. Mike Davis, Executive of the USGA, commented: “This important first step provides officials with tools that can have a direct and positive impact on the game. We recognize there is more work to be done. Advancements in video technology are enhancing the viewing experience for fans, but can also significantly affect the competition. We need to balance those advances with what is fair for all players when applying the Rules.

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