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Day 1 - 19/06: From Ha Noi To Moscow

  • Upon arrival, tour guide will receive at airport and take you to hotel
  • Having free time with your own hotel

Day 2 - 20/06: Visit Moscow

- 10h00: tour guide will show you around Moscow:

  • Red Square - Former royal citadel and now the official residence and work of the Russian president. In 1991, the Red Square was listed by UNESCO in the World Heritage list.
  • Lenin Mausoleum - The great leader of the Soviet people, located by the Kremlin, in the middle of the Red Square.
  • Basil Cathedral
  • GUM Department store. Alexandrovsky Garden.
  • Kremlin - Built around 1475, the Kremlin is the center of Moscow's history, located on the left bank of the Moscow River, on Borovitskii Hill. The Kremlin is a historic fortress complex overlooking the Red Square in Moscow, including the palace, church, wall and tower.

- 14h00: Have lunch
- 15h30: After lunch, visit The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Ancient Town Arbat
- 18h00: Have dinner
- 19h00: Having free time with your own hotel

Day 3 - 21/06: Visit Moscow

- 10h00: visit bảo tàng The Museum-panorama "The Battle of Borodino" and the Victory Square:

  • Narva Triumphal Arch
  • Victory Square Park
  • 13h00: Have lunch

- 14h00: visit MGU campus (Lomonoxop General University).

  • Walk on the Sparrow Hills

- 18h00: Have dinner and free time with your own hotel

Day 4 - 22/06: Freetime - Play Golf

  • You can practise playing golf at Moscow Country Golf Club before the tournament
  • Having free time with your own hotel

Day 5 - 23/06: Join In Golf Tournament Of Vietgolfmos

  • After breakfast, you will check out and tour guide will take you to Moscow Country Golf Club for the tournament (Attending Fee is $180/pax, included Gala Dinner)

- 22h00: tour guide will take you to train station and go to Saint Petersburg. You will rest on board

Day 6 - 24/06: Visit Saint Petersburg

  • Tour guide will receive at Moskovsky station and take you to have breakfast at city center.

- 9h00: Star the City Tour:

  • Saint Isaac's Cathedral – The longest and most expensive construction of the nineteenth century; Visit the bronze statue of Bronze - the greatest emperor in the history of the Tsarist Empire.
  • Visit fort Petropavlov - St. St. Petersburg shrank 300 years ago with the Romanov tombs.
  • Dragon Blood Fortress (Fort Mikhailov), Mars battleground.

- 13h00: Have lunch and free time with your own hotel
- 16h00: Visit Fort Petropavlov - St. St. Petersburg shrank 300 years ago with the Romanov tombs.
- 19h00: Have dinner. Visit the night subway system. Walk around and admire the White Night.

  • Having free time with your own hotel

Day 7 - 25/06: Visit Saint Petersburg - Peterhof City - Kronshtadt Island

- 10h00: Departure from St. Petersburg to visit Peterhof city, 30 km away to the West - South.

  • Visit Summer palace complex, Russian Palace of Versailles, summer residence of the tsarist dynasty, city of palaces, parks and fountains.
  • Visit: the Gardens, with miniature palaces like Monplaisir, Marly, with 64 fountains and 37 gilded statues.

- 13h00: Have lunch in Peterhof city.
- 14h00: Departure from St. Petersburg to visit The Autumn Palace in Puskin, 30km to the South.

  • You visit the interior of the Autumn Palace, where the world famous Amber Room is.

- 19h00. Have dinner and free time with your own hotel

Day 8 - 26/06: Visit Saint Petersburg - Freetime

- 9h00: You can play golf at Gorki golf course of Petersburg

  • Free time to play, relax, shopping...

- 19h00: Overnight at hotel

Day 9 - 27/06: Visit Saint Petersburg - Back To Moscow

- 10h00: Departure to visit Palace Square, the largest and most important square of St. Petersburg

  • Visit the Hermitage Museum of the Arts - Winter Palace, Tsarist Imperial Power Center for 250 years with over 3 million treasures.

- 13h00: Have lunch.
- 14h00: Have free time, walk around to visit Saint Peterburg subway, shopping.
- 19h00: Have dinner.
- 22h00. Go to station and departure to Moscow. You will rest on board

Day 10 - 28/06: Visit Moscow - Freetime

  • You will be pickup and take to have breakfast at city center
  • Visit the most beautiful Metro Subway system in the world
  • After lunch, you will be driven to Moscow airport for departure to Vietnam



Vui lòng liên hệ UniGolf để nhận giá tốt nhất
Please contact UniGolf for the best prices

Cancel or delay conditions:

- In case the customer has booked the tour and the two sides confirm the same tour organization, the party cancels the tour for any reason at the following times will pay for these surcharges below:

  • Cancellation before 30 days: 0% of tour value + invitation fee
  • Cancellation before: 10 - 15 days: 50% of tour value + invitation fee
  • Cancellation before: 01 - 10 days: 100% of tour value + invitation fee

About European Visa

- In case of being denied Visa Europe and Russia, you will not get refund: 200 Euro/pax - Interview fee and other costs (Translation of documents and Invitations).
- Companies can change flight schedules if appropriate for each time and each airline.
- Requirement to make Visa to Europe: submit your application 30 days before.

About the Itinerary

- The program can be changed to suit weather conditions or unexpected holidays of scenic places.
- The order of visit destination or group activities can be changed in accordance with the actual situation but still ensure the full points stated in the itinerary


  • Hotel accommodations in Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as in the itinerary
  • Car and Vietnamese speaking tourguide
  • Round trip tickets to Moscow - Saint Petersburg - Moscow
  • Tickets for tourist destination as in the itinerary
  • Travel insurance
  • Temporary residence registration fee (if any)
  • Flight tickets
  • Invitation + travel visa


- Car and tour guide out of the itinerary
- Attending fee for Golf Tournament

  • Fee for play Golf or shopping out of the itinerary
  • Personal expenses: mobile phone, laundry, refreshment…
  • Tip for tour guide and driver. (7 Euro/pax/day)
  • Surcharge for overweighted luggage
  • Surcharge for single room (about 800 Euro/pax)

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